1987 Fun Facts


How many of these do you remember from 30 years ago?

  • Ronald Reagan made his famous speech, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” The Berlin wall, that was.
  • The world population was estimated to be just over 5 billion. It is over 7.3 billion now.
  • Popular Movies: Fatal Attraction, Moonstruck, Wall Street, The Last Emperor
  • The unemployment rate was 6.2%.
  • A first class postage stamp was 22 cents. The average increase in price has been less than 2.5% over the 30 years.
  • Record of the Year: Higher Love by Steve Winwood.
  • The New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI -Phil Simms was the Giants’ quarterback.
  • The Minnesota Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series – It was the first World Series with a game played indoors.
  • The Indiana Hoosiers beat the Syracuse Orangemen by one point in the men’s NCAA basketball championship.
  • The #2 ranked Miami Hurricanes won college football’s national championship in the Orange Bowl against number 1 ranked Oklahoma.
  • October 19 was the infamous Black Monday on Wall Street. The market tumbled 508 points to 1,738.74. It took less than two years for the market to fully recover.
  • The prime interest rate ranged from 7.75% to 9.25%. Wouldn’t those be nice rates to earn on your bank deposits these days?
  • Big Year at the Oscar Awards: Platoon – Best Picture, Marlee Matlin – Best Actress, Paul Newman – Best Actor, Michael Caine – Best Supporting Actor, Woody Allen – Best Original Screenplay, Herbie Hancock – Best Original Score … Holy smokes!!!
  • A gallon of gas ranged from 82 cents to 96 cents.
  • A dozen eggs ranged from a high of 86 cents to a low of 71 cents.
  • A new Ford Escort sold for $6,895.

Please note that these have been identified on two different sources, but are not to be relied on as 100% accurate.

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