Business Planning

You’ve done a great job in building your business, which continues to thrive and grow despite the everyday obstacles and issues that crop up because you are adept at handling them. You know your strengths and recognize when it’s time to seek professional advice.

We can help you in developing your overall strategic plan for your business and family. We focus on helping you with:

Business Planning Buttons

The best place to start is with our very affordable business valuation tool, you can do it on your own in minutes for free on your own or we can do it for you. 98% of business owners do not know what the true value of their business is. Without a solid understanding of your business value, building a solid retirement, exit, succession, and protection plan is impossible. PlanPrep understands this. We work with the most accurate data to ensure your plan is rock solid. Our process and technology allows business owners just like you to achieve this in a timely manner. CLICK HERE to learn more.

If you are thinking about an exit, it’s time to contact PlanPrep. Burt Williamson has helped business owners build the financial bridge to retirement since 1995. Call now for a confidential consultation at 805.910.9657 or email us at