Prospective Advisors


Planning for financial advisors has never been easier. Here is our current fee schedule. After you have completed a few plans, this process will become second nature for you as it will have become a part of your thinking. Here’s how to get started with PlanPrep as part of your financial planning team:

  • After you collect your clients’ information, you can upload it through our secure portal (we will send you a link) or into the eMoney (or WealthVision) vault.
  • You will receive an email within a few days with our questions about the data.  This follow up gives you another opportunity to touch base with your clients and set expectations for some strategies you may recommend that they implement.
  • PlanPrep provides you with a customized financial analysis that tells a story about the decisions your clients need to consider, and we prepare you with an executive summary written in plain English that is from you to the clients.  It contains a summary of their current situation with action steps for the coming year.  Nothing that your clients see will ever have the PlanPrep name on it … only yours.
  • We complete all of the work within fifteen (15) business days from receipt of all the relevant planning materials – usually a lot sooner!
  • After you receive any necessary compliance approval, you can meet with your clients in a timely manner to gain commitment from them to implement your specific recommendations based on a clear, thorough analysis.
  • This allows you to focus on managing your clients’ expectations of their plan and holding them accountable for achieving their life goals.
  • We recommend that you review the plan and strategies with your clients at least once a year, and sooner if major changes occur in their lives or the economy.  This will help you to keep your clients on track without having to make dramatic adjustments.
  • Have PlanPrep update your clients’ plans to create progress reports showing the clients’ own personal benchmarks. This helps keep them focused on their goals rather than the markets.
  • This process may help you earn more high quality referrals from implementing this approach in your practice.