Our Easy Way to Invest

PlanPrep’s Automated Investment Program

In addition to PlanPrep's portfolio designs, we now offer a low cost, easy to use program that will allow any and every body to take advantage of our services. Our new platform features:

NO Account Minimums

Everyone over the age of 21 now has access to PlanPrep, regardless of how much they have to invest. You can start with $100 or less, and add to your account when it suits you. There are no commissions or up front fees. All of your money is invested and working for you. 

Built-in Retirement Planning Tool

This helps establish your personal goals, shows you how much money to save in each type of account you establish, as well as tracking your progress each year. There’s no need to pick individual investments on your own, as this platform will do it for you.

A Personalized Investment Strategy 

I know, you've heard about investment strategies that are tailored to your unique objectives before. BUT, this is a unified strategy that takes into account your IRAs, Roth IRAs and taxable accounts when determining what investments to hold in which accounts. I think that's pretty cool!

Low Cost, Tax Efficient Investments 

The program uses a well-diversified selection of low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs) from some of the leading asset managers in the industry.

Automated Deposits

Add to your accounts on a regular basis as you would at work. Out of sight, out of mind is the best way to save, along with socking away bonuses and half of each raise you receive.

PlanPrep's Free Account Transfer Support

You'd think that this is a no brainer. Just fill out the paperwork, right? What could go wrong? Plenty! Don't move your accounts without our assistance.

Smart Portfolio Rebalancing

The system uses every cash flow and dividend to rebalance your portfolio to reduce the amount of shares that need to be sold to realign your portfolio over time.

Quarterly Performance Reporting

This allows you to see how you are progressing relative to industry benchmarks. We will discuss how you're doing at least once a year.

One All-Inclusive Fee *

Your investment management fee covers all transaction costs and custodian fees. You're billed after the end of each quarter. Fees are prorated for the days in the quarter for which the funds were in your account, and are deducted directly from each account based on the following annual schedule:

Waive of Financial Planning Fees

PlanPrep also provides comprehensive financial advice for a separate fee. Those fees are waived when the aggregate of your household investments are $500,000 or more for 12 months or longer.

Start Using This Investing Platform Today!

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* Each fund has its own internal expenses that are not included in the stated fees above. Those expenses are outlined in the prospectus for each fund and would be charged at the fund level. These do not appear on your statements.