The Value of a Closely Held Business

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Those who run their own businesses have known all along that the best investment they can make is in their businesses. The question is whether they or their family would get a fair return for that investment when it comes time to sell the business or if a “Heaven forbid” occurs. You’d want the value low for estate and gift tax purposes, but high for a sale. Which one should a business owner use? Do you need a certified appraisal, or will a market appraisal serve your purpose?   A Proper Valuation In most cases, there is no...

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Informational Interviews for Career and Education Selection

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It’s too easy for kids to drift through college with no clear direction in life (my hand would go up at age 20, too). Here is a way I know works in helping you meet the right people and make connections that may last a lifetime. What are your interests for your working life? Where are you from? Where do you want to live? Address your aspirations first, as this will help you refine your networking needs.  Here are some suggestions: Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  Caption the left side as the things You Want in...

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

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The focus here is to educate you with the benefit of my experience and research, so you can avoid mistakes in your estate, business and life insurance planning going forward or fix the ones you might have made, if possible. Wisdom comes from experience and research over time. Hopefully, we all learn from our experiences and those of others as well. Why do we repeat so many mistakes in protecting our families, estates and businesses if we can readily access the experience and knowledge that we need? The reasons may be that: planning with life...

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How to Achieve Your MOST Important Goals

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Most of our moral and financial values started with our parents … good, bad, or otherwise. We’re also impacted by where we grew up, the schools we attended, our friends, what we do for work, and where we live now. These all shape our beliefs, which affect our ideas, thoughts and feelings … which in turn, impact the decisions we’ve made. This also leads to the results we’ve gotten, whether we like them or not. No matter what your frame of reference is, you can develop the right mindset to achieve your MOST important...

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The Retirement Cure – Fixed Indexed Life Insurance

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  Fixed Indexed Life Insurance can improve your retirement ACCESS plan with tax diversification. This is different than term life insurance, which only benefits someone if you die. It has a lot of living benefits, which makes it the Retirement Cure. It’s like an asset class all of its own. It may allow you to be in a lower tax bracket in retirement, but you have to apply and qualify for it. Learn more by watching our 3 minute video.   Burt Williamson’s California Insurance License #:...

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Business Continuation – The Urgent Need for a Buy-Sell Agreement

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If you’re like most business owners, you focus your attention on building your business and persevering through everyday obstacles and issues that crop up.  Your business may have significant value, but what is it worth if you were to borrow money or try to sell it? What would the value be if you were to become disabled or pass away? How would your family derive the economic value that your business should have for them? 70% of small businesses die with the founder, because 80% of them have no business continuation plan other than to...

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