Estate Planning & Insurance

Protecting your family and lifestyle go hand-in-hand with an effective estate plan like pasta and marinara sauce. Planning for when you’re gone is only a small part of this vital aspect of your overall plan. It’s about protecting you, your family and your assets while you’re alive as well.

Estate Planning

Who would manage your money and make health care decisions for you if you could not do so for yourself? What about the difficult decision about life support? Who would you trust with that decision, and under what circumstances? You see, if you don’t have it in writing and in the right hands, it isn’t going to happen the way you think. Things can get ugly, costly, and last longer than your heirs would care to imagine.

A well crafted estate plan also can minimize transition costs and reduce the painstaking, time consuming process of transferring assets. Estate taxes may be a concern if your estate is well over $10 million. Most people don’t have to worry about that issue. However, there are some states where taxes may be due and the probate costs and delays may be significant.

You can also protect your young children, create a foundation, enlist your children to participate in your charitable inclinations (a great incentive to have access to your wealth, don’t you think?), or manage assets for a special needs child of any age.

We are not attorneys, but we can help you understand the potential impact of your current situation by showing you what your potential estate settlement costs may be today, as well as 10 and 20 years from now.  We will work with you, your tax advisor and attorney in the process of developing your overall plan.

Life Insurance

Life insurance creates an instant estate and is an essential asset you can control as long as you wish, but you have to qualify for it.

There simply is no less expensive way to replace lost income or gifted assets. This is not just death insurance. There are many living benefits. Consider life insurance to be it’s own asset class in your portfolio. It is an asset that you control, and it can increase your wealth substantially. It should be a part of everyone’s portfolio, whether as term, whole life, or universal life. Which one is right for you? We can help you decide.

If you have a life insurance need and the extra cash flow to do so, you can eliminate or reduce the impact of many of THE PORTFOLIO KILLERS with fixed-indexed life insurance (a form of universal life). You can build tax-advantaged cash to access down the road. This can be an excellent way to reduce the taxes you will pay in retirement. Too many people focus on current tax deductions alone and don’t think about the time when they will need to ACCESS their money.



A solid access plan would allow you to have money where you pay some taxes on your gains, other money that is taxed as income, and the balance that is tax-advantaged or income tax-free. Consider your MONEY NEEDS and which of those needs this concept could address for you.

Click on the INFO-GRAPHIC to the right to see a larger image of some of the things life insurance can do for you.

Long Term Care and Critical Illness

Have you known anyone close to you who has experienced a need for professional care at home or in a facility? What was that like?

People who end up needing care want to receive the highest quality of care in the most dignified manner, their choice of where to receive it without being a burden on their children. Most care people receive today is coming out of their pocket … or their kids’ pockets. There goes the independence part.

If you don’t have a family history with the need for care, then you may want to assume the risk.  However, even if you could afford to self-insure, the reality is that the cost of care could deplete your portfolio by three hundred thousands dollars or much more.  The cost to insure may be the interest only of what the future cost may be … and possibly much less.

Do you have a family plan and the right insurance for dealing with such matters? If no, we can assist you in developing one that suits your family and finances.

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