Advisor Benefits

Deliver high quality financial plans and advice in much less time. Save thousands of dollars each year on staff, equipment, and training while leveraging the PlanPrep method and expertise of Burt Williamson.

Financial planning is about to become a whole lot easier for you and more profitable for your business and spend much less time on the whole planning process with PlanPrep. It will help you earn more, high quality referrals from leveraging PlanPrep’s expertise in your practice.

No more sitting at your desk, behind your computer, working nights and weekends to crank out a financial plan.


Burt Williamson has mastered data analysis to uncover not only the facts, but the real story behind them. Then he provides you with prompt feedback, so you can stay in touch with your clients in a timely manner.

He creates reports that tell the client's unique financial story, so you can help them make informed financial decisions. You won’t find dozens of pages containing useless content.

You receive Burt's observations with a targeted action plan that includes recommendations to help your clients implement strategies to achieve their known and hidden objectives.

Everything is written in plain English by you for your client.

Brief and to the point.


PlanPrep can update your clients’ plans to create progress reports showing the clients’ own personal benchmarks. This helps keep them focused on their goals rather than the markets. A separate fee applies.

Be sure to review our ADV Part 2A and Outsourcing Agreement before engaging our services.

Fee Schedule & Apply Now Form

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