Chip away at your financial matters at your own pace.

Focus on your most pressing matters in the order that matters to you with PlanPrep's LASER COACHING.

Choose the call frequency below that suits you and take advantage of our planning expertise for a year at a much lower cost than the price of a comprehensive financial plan.

During each 30 minute coaching call, we'll answer any questions you have and research any matters afterward that need more time.

We'll email responses to you and provide you with follow up assignments.

You can schedule your next call as soon as you complete any given assignment from the last call.

Download the PDF at the bottom of the screen for a list of topics you may want to discuss

during your LASER COACHING sessions.

Unlimited Calls - $1,794

12 Calls a Year - $1,194

12 Calls a Year - $1,194


Receive expert advice from a CFP® with unlimited calls for an entire year for less than $5 a day.

12 Calls a Year - $1,194

12 Calls a Year - $1,194

12 Calls a Year - $1,194


Take your time in between calls.

You might be too busy some months and other times you can focus & really dig in.

4 Calls a Year - $594

12 Calls a Year - $1,194

4 Calls a Year - $594


If you don't have as many pressing matters, this can help you focus on a few things and really make some progress.

Ideas for Laser Coaching Calls

Ideas for Laser Coaching Calls (pdf)